Impressions of students: Reuven Moskowitz



Reuven Moskovitz was born in 1928 in the North of Rumania.
He and his family are Jews. Despite of being followed by the German Nazis he survived Holocaust. When he was twelve years old, he started to work and earned a little bit of money to support his family. At this time his father got arrested because he was a Jewish leader in his hometown. Reuven’s older brother was sent to the concentration camp in Auschwitz. He, his mother and his siblings were driven away from their home place. After the war in 1947 he moved to Palestine to fight for peace and freedom. 
Reuven Moskovitz now lives in Jerusalem with a broken heart but also happily with his wife.
Vici, Krisi, Verena, Kathi, Ines, Babsi

He told us a story about two girls, who found a man in him, they could trust even if he actually was their enemy. He gave them oranges and afterwards he discussed with their father a long time. When he went home, the girls gave him a harmonica. Since that day he loves to play it. 
He also told us about his school time, his childhood and the time, he was prosecuted. We were very shocked, when he told us about his daily life at school. He said that they often got punished because of nothing. We can’t imagine how teachers can be like this!
What we really liked was, that he is such a happy and lively person after all the things he went through. We also found it very impressing that he’ll fight for freedom till his last breath and that a hero is a person who can make an enemy to his friend.
Katharina S., Luisa K., Melanie P., Karina S., Ines H.

On September 12th Reuven Moskovitz visited our school. He is a WWII witness and he talked to us about this horrible time in his life.
The discussion showed us different impressions of his past. We liked, that we could listen to his song about the war. Music is a very important part of his life and he allowed us to be part of it. The good thing was, that he explained how to make the future better than the past and how to keep peace. 
His favorite quote is: “A hero is somebody who loves his enemy.”
It was good that he read parts of his book “The long way to peace” to us.
Magdalena, Nicole, Julia L., Katharina Ga., Maria R.

We found it really impressing that he is able to forgive although he has any reason to be full of hatred. He also said that you can’t live in a peaceful world when you are not able to forgive. In the beginning he hated the Germans but after some time he began to feel sorry for them and he recognized that he didn’t have the right to hate them. 
He said that he would fight for freedom and peace until his last breath. Love, music, peace, trust and justice are the most important values in life for him.
Reuven founded a village called Shalom Walat AL Shalom where Palestinians and Israelis can live together in peace.
“I’m not a hero. I also make mistakes because when you don’t make mistakes you make the biggest!”
Julia K., Mauela S., Eva M., Verena A., Sarah St.

Reuven is a survivor of Holocaust. When you first meet him you wouldn’t think that he has such a horrible past because he seems so lively. He doesn’t speak a lot about his life in the NS times because actually he wants to forget it. His aim is to get the people to live forgiveness and peace with their enemies. When he plays the violin or the harmonica you think that you can feel his pain and the wish for a free and peaceful world. 
Reuven wants young people to pursue peace and he also encourages them to be critical because they are our future.
He is a man who won’t stop fighting for peace till his last breath.
Theresa, Vanessa, Sarah O., Stefi, Maria K.